The Buzz 02.26.15

Most secure job in Charlotte: Repairman for moving sidewalks at the airport.

Amazing to see people we elected ready to flush their legacy over a bathroom ordinance.

Dr. No vetoes Keystone XL. He must have faced a Specter.

Bravo for vetoing the Keystone XL, Mr. President!

I have “sincerely held” beliefs against being governed by idiots.

Using religion to legalize discrimination is hardly Christian.

In the spirit of equal rights, can a gay magistrate refuse to marry a straight couple?

It offends my religion to pay taxes.

To unite, emphasize our positives. To divide, our negatives. Clear as Reagan vs. Obama.

Three-quarters of all businesses fail. Are those the odds we want for our children’s schools?

Snow: Nature’s way of hiding man’s ugliness.

How does an inch of snow turn into 12 inches of stupid?