Hurricane Matthew’s victims still need help

From an editorial Tuesday in the Wilmington Star-News:

After Hurricane Floyd’s flooding devastated parts of Eastern North Carolina in 1999, an expert on disasters said the recovery would take 10 years.

Less than a month after Hurricane Matthew, the storm’s toll has faded from the news headlines, replaced by the political storm of election season. It’s important that we don’t let the needs of our neighbors from our minds.

The response to the storm has showed our state at its best. We must remember, however, that recovery is a long process.

Right after Floyd, we had seen the flooded streets of towns and cities like Burgaw and Kinston. But much of the flooding was out-of-sight – just like with Matthew.

With most homes tucked away down country roads, residents were very much out of sight until the soaked remains of their homes were hauled to the highway.

For those in our state suffering from Hurricane Matthew – especially those out of sight – we must ensure that they do not become out of mind. It will take perseverance.

One easy way to help is by donating to the N.C. Disaster Relief Fund for Hurricane Matthew (

In many places, the damage caused by Matthew is unprecedented. Let’s hope the longterm response will be, as well.