The Buzz 02.27.15

Flap over transgender folks in bathrooms is a tempest in a pee pot.

Panderitis: politicians defending an indefensible position.

Infamous headlines: “Dewey defeats Truman” and “Major snowstorm strikes.”

Yet another major storm forecast sponsored by your local grocers’ association.

Weather forecasting – an art form clothed as a science.

Plucked the paper out of snow; could’ve kissed the carrier!

If this is the orange “mild” band on the Wooly worm, I don’t want to see the black one.

Computers predict weather, but Mother Nature has the final word.

We definitely have a two-party system – politicians on one side, we the people on the other.

Net neutrality is fine, but what I’d like to see is Netanyahu neutrality.

So could a magistrate with a “sincerely held” belief in UNC refuse to marry Wolfpack and Blue Devil couples?

ISIS also has “sincerely held” religious beliefs.