The Buzz 11.04.16

Bill wants the election to be fact-based? What the Lewinsky is he talking about?

Who needs the Russians to influence our election when there’s the FBI?


Like a carved pumpkin, Trump is best discarded in early November.

A movie made of this election would be an R-rated dramedy.

Voting “ the devil you know”? Well, welcome to the gates of hell.

Much like a Harry Potter character, Paul Ryan voted for “he who will not be named.”

Anthony Weiner sure knows how to put the “lap” in laptop.

Jan. 20, 2017 – Inauguration Day or Armageddon?

Your “less than $100” ACA plan is costing me $150!

Chuck Berry, a new album at 90. Go, Johnnie, Go!

A big lead followed by a second-half scare. Our boys are back!

The road to hell is lined with mowers and blowers.