The Buzz 11.05.16

I’m guessing “voluntary” water conservation will be followed by an involuntary rate hike!

Burr’s GOP = Guarantee Of Paralysis.

New spelling for Helms: B-U-R-R.

Three words for Sen. Burr: Shame on you!

Two “words” for Hillary Clinton: Uh oh!

Move along folks! No emails to see here.

We need more Faith in N.C.

Appears Hillary’s “get out of jail” card from the FBI had an expiration date.

Gloves off, Hillary. Go low.

Wiki leaks. Putin wins.

Been so busy bitterly clinging to my guns and religion I almost forgot to vote.

What do you have to lose? Don’t vote and you’ll find out.

I voted for president. My choices were Bad and Worse. I chose Bad.

Free health care is a great idea, as long as I don’t have to pay for it.

Obamanomics: stagnation by regulation.