The Buzz 11.06.16

When the FBI goes low, I go high.

Trump can fix it. Clinton can tax it.

FBI = Federal Bureau of Incompetence

So do pantsuits come in black and white horizontal stripes?

David Duke crawled out from under a rock. Trump lifted it up.

Hey, NeverTrumpers, never say never!

I’m voting for “Bulls-eye” Burr!

Isn’t Burr part of the swamp Trump wants to drain?

Political ads stink, and I approved this message.

My 101st Buzz of 2016! I’d like to thank the Observer, my agent and Donald Trump.

Just experienced Obamacare sticker shock and need some R&R: Repeal and Replace!

Peter Pappas picked a peck of rebates. Peter Pappas passed on low-rate rentals.

Finally, a Bentley dealership in Charlotte. Now I can trade in my Yugo.