Help us say thanks

The Observer editorial board

Every year, people across the Charlotte region do amazing things to help their fellow man and woman. Some win great acclaim for this, but others go about their work with minimal notice. They don’t do it for attention or accolades; they do it because they feel called to do so, and are passionate about making a difference for others.

For a few decades now, the Observer editorial board has honored a handful of these people at year’s end. We learn about their work, take their portrait and highlight their story online and on our opinion pages.

The types of contributions are endless. The common theme is that the people selflessly helped others, usually without a giant title before their name and, in most cases, had not already won the widespread recognition they deserve. Often they had to overcome some obstacle to do so.

So we want your help. You are the eyes and ears of this community. You know of someone like this. Take a minute to think about who deserves recognition for their fine, unsung work, then let us know. Email Editorial Page Editor Taylor Batten at with your nomination.