The Buzz 12.02.16

Cooper: “Snap the ball before the refs can put the touchdown under review!”

Old soldiers fade away, but governors go kicking and screaming.

Bad news for N.C. GOP: the U.S. Constitution.

Nikki Haley raised two children – she’s ready for the UN.

If Hillary is prosecuted, only the lawyers win.

Want American jobs? Leave the foreign-made junk in the store.

So, no wall? Just a double-yellow line?

Democrats: the new Chicken Little Party.

Grumpy old white folks elect Trump. He repays them by taking away their Medicare?

Forget “four calling birds”; I’m worried about four years of Trump-a-Tweeting.

Now I understand how Mom felt when Adlai lost.

So will it be renamed Fakebook or Farcebook?

Panthers are finding out the step from the penthouse to the outhouse is short and steep.