Attorneys for Keith Lamont Scott family own some blame for shooting protests

Rakeyia Scott, right, Keith Lamont Scott’s widow.
Rakeyia Scott, right, Keith Lamont Scott’s widow. Charlotte Observer

From Jerry Sennett, a retired deputy chief for the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department who now lives in Stanley, N.C.:

The fatal shooting of Keith Lamont Scott was certainly tragic for both the Scott family and the police officers involved. No police officer who I ever worked with in my 30-year career with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department ever wanted to be in a position to have to use deadly force or take a life. Unfortunately those situations do occur and I am glad that the SBI investigation and the presentation to the public by District Attorney Andrew Murray cleared up the facts of this case. I hope CMPD and the citizens of Charlotte can move forward and repair some of the damage caused by this situation.

I do believe the Scott family attorneys bear some responsibility for the unrest that occurred following the shooting. They knew or should have known that the information being put out on social media by the family was incorrect. Mr. Scott was never shot with his hands up or while holding a book, did indeed purchase a stolen gun and was a convicted felon. The attorneys consistently criticized CMPD and the City of Charlotte for not being transparent with the community. As officers of the court, they did nothing to diminish or to correct the misinformation that caused injuries and senseless destruction in the aftermath of the Scott shooting.

Police officers are held to higher standard. Maybe it is time the Scott family attorneys stop placing the blame on others and take responsibility for their actions and the outcome of this tragic situation.

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