The Buzz 12.03.16

Looks like Gov. Pat just paid the toll for I-77.

Poor governor; sore loser.

If you see Thom Tillis tell him the toll road has his name on it!

When is work on the SouthPark bypass scheduled to begin?

Obama courts celebs. Trump saves jobs.

Nothing says success like three marriages and six bankruptcies.

“Repeal and replace” the Electoral College.

The party of superdelegates thinks the Electoral College is unfair?

No wall, just a hedge.

Activist, or agitator?

Sorry, I still say “Lock her up!”

Hillary gets hammered for a Sachs speech, but Trump’s Sachs hire slides?

Really Nikki, you’re going to give up grits, rednecks and NASCAR?

Carrier shakes down Trump and taxpayers pay $7M.

Long live Big Pharma!