Back off, legislature; it’s called democracy


In response to “A breathtaking dis of North Carolina voters” (Dec. 16 Observer Editorial):

There is much to oppose in the way the General Assembly’s leadership conducted itself during last week’s special session: secrecy, lack of consultation, lack of public input, extreme partisanship and a grab-bag of ill-considered ideas. These actions do not serve the people of North Carolina well and circumvent the democratic process.

What makes democracies work is free and fair elections, educated voters and elected officials who honor the results.

Elections do have consequences, and the League of Women Voters stands today, as it has since its founding 96 years ago, for electoral integrity and the will of the voters. Now our fairly and freely elected officials must be allowed to govern with the interests of all the people in mind. It’s called democracy.

Mary Klenz and Willie Taylor are co-presidents of the League of Women Voters of North Carolina.