The Buzz 03.04.15

Charlotte continues to be a World Crass City.

Use the bathroom that matches your plumbing.

A victory for the Old Testament. A loss for the New Testament. Sad, shameful day in Charlotte.

Why was there a gun at The Music Factory? Because it’s the law in N.C.

Is there anyone in N.C. not whining for more of other people’s money?

Shouldn’t have paid Willingham the money. Dang sure don’t owe her an apology.

Putin , like OJ, vows to find the killer.

Remember, Bibi only came for more of your tax dollars!

Call Chuck Norris. Dems’ respect for Netanyahu is MIA.

Move the talks along. Put Israel’s nukes on the table.

BofA, pay for the Salvation Army’s new HQ rather than bail out the NASCAR Hall.

Keep texting. I need a new car and I’m right in front of you.

Was that a black and blue car running NASCAR Sunday, or was it white and gold?