The Buzz 03.13.15

I set my clock forward to 2017, but it didn’t work...Obama is still in office.

Liar, liar, your pantsuit is on fire.

I can use my three different email addresses from one Android phone. Why couldn't Hillary?

Maybe it takes an idiot to pay $10,000 for a smart watch.

Black or white, if you attack/assault a police officer, he might kill you. Class dismissed.

Couldn’t decide if today’s Republicans were dangerous or just childish. Their letter to Iran confirmed both.

Those “slow” drivers are the 0.0001 per cent obeying posted speed limits.

Would there be a controversy if it weren’t Hillary?

DENR: Duke Energy Not Responsible.

Will be interesting to see if the Ritz Carlton adds a surcharge when the PGA Tour returns to Quail Hollow.

If President Obama was negotiating a deal with Satan, Republicans would go straight to hell to shake his hand.