The Buzz 03.14.15

If the gas tax doesn’t work, why was North Carolina once called the good roads state?

When Hillary took her ethics test she must have cheated off Bill’s paper.

OK for Obama to bypass Congress but not the other way around?

Would transgender students be allowed to attend proposed single-gender schools?

On Panthers opening day I plan to sit back and enjoy a nice glass of Ginn and Newton.

You can’t apologize for a racist chant when you did it on purpose not thinking you would get caught.

Guess Duke got their ash handed to them!

Republicans need to stand for something and not be against everything.

Profiling will end when the profile changes.

The Ritz should not have called it a CIAA surcharge. That’s their only mistake.

Badges up, don’t shoot.

Thank you DeAngelo, it was a fun ride!