Let money talk on NC bathrooms


Let money talk on N.C. bathrooms

It has been said that the almighty dollar talks. With that in mind, I have a simple solution to the bathroom situation. Boycott!

If you support the LGBT agenda, boycott those businesses that do not provide open bathrooms. If you believe bathrooms should be designated only men or women, boycott those businesses that do not. It won’t be long before the dollar settles the matter for all of us. All we need is a list of businesses and how they stand on the issue.

Howard W. Akers, Waxhaw

NCAA, proceed in N.C. with caution

My suggestion to the NCAA is to schedule championship games in North Carolina but apply the Reagan concept of trust but verify. The new law gives cities the right to regulate public accommodations after December 1, 2020. Only schedule events sufficiently after that date so that they can be rescheduled if the state limits or revokes that right.

Jerry Simon, Charlotte

Businesses, chip in like you used to

Much has been said of Charlotte’s lack of economic opportunity for the lowest on the economic ladder. Charlotte is now looking for ways to be more economically fair and equitable for all.

Let’s look at what drives corporations to deliver executive bonuses and shareholder dividends: the reward system. Give business leaders economic mobility goals and incentives, and they will deliver what is asked for. There was a time when businesses recognized their obligations not only to customers and shareholders but also to employees and the community.

Will the corporate shareholders willingly share their dividends to provide opportunity and rewards to the hardworking less fortunate, in order to have a stronger community now and forever?

Tom E. Bowers, Charlotte

New hotel will ruin piece of history

In response to “20-story hotel to rise atop Carolina Theatre site in uptown Charlotte” (March 29):

Only a town as soulless as Charlotte could take the classic Carolina Theatre and turn it into a cold shell of a hotel for very well-to-do people.

Instead of restoring a showcase and gathering place for all, Charlotte chose to relinquish another part of its history. The “facade” will remain behind glass like a relic.

It just breaks my heart.

Steve Jones, Charlotte

Bill O’Reilly’s bullying should stop

In response to “Let’s talk about Bill O’Reilly and insults” (April 1 Viewpoint):

Thank you for printing the article by the insightful writer Leonard Pitts.

Saturday’s article reveals the consistently disrespectful and smug manner that “yellow journalist” Bill O’Reilly uses to insult his “victims.”

Hope he re-evaluates his disparaging ways.

Sandra Cherrybone,


Unfair double standard on O’Reilly

In response to “Let’s talk about Bill O’Reilly and insults” (April 1 Viewpoint):

Bill O’Reilly’s comments about Maxine Waters’s hair elicited outrage and demands for apology from liberals.

Meantime, ridiculing The Donald’s coiffure is almost a national pastime. Why is it OK to make fun of a white man’s hair but not a black woman’s? Is it a double standard in terms of sex or race or both? Either way it is a double standard that has become the norm.

Steve Monroe, Charlotte

McSpadden right on benefits of the arts

In response to “Politicians overlook the value of the arts” (April 1 Viewpoint):

To the excellent Observer article by Kay McSpadden regarding the failure of politicians to recognize the importance of the arts in our society I would like to add the following: I believe that the arts can improve a child’s academic success, teach empathy and compassion, act as a stabilizer for failing neighborhoods, and increase tourism for our city.

This, just like climate change, is a proven fact, not fake news!

Larry Elder, Charlotte

Border protection isn’t anti-religion

In response to “Seeing immigration through a lens of hope, not fear” (April 1):

Agreeing wholeheartedly with Mr. Ford that immigrants we all are, I offer the following thought: as God threw out Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden for not abiding by His laws, was He not protecting His borders?

Coy Powell, Charlotte