The Buzz is back

We heard you. We’re bringing back the Buzz!

Look for it Saturdays and Sundays starting May 13 on the op-ed page.

We eliminated the Buzz in December after a 13-year run, saying “to everything there (is) a season.” Well, that season continues and many of you let us know that.

Yes, a handful of you cheered its demise, and some of you just plain “missed the memo” because you’re still sending Buzzes. But the outcry to resurrect it was loud enough that we’re going to try.

First, let’s talk a little about what the Buzz is and isn’t:

It’s not a place to just complain, unless you can do it in a clever way. It’s not a place to be mean-spirited, racist or vulgar.

The Buzz is a place to make thoughtful comments about topics in the news and do it in a clever way. Humor matters. Keep your entries short and pithy – shoot for about a dozen words. The fewer, the better.

To get a feel for how long a Buzz should be pick a few of the published ones that you like and count the words in them.

Remember, Buzzes are anonymous but they do get edited for clarity, accuracy and brevity.

Happy Buzzing! Send Buzzes to