The Buzz 05/13/17

The Buzz is back. You can go home again.

The Observer without the Buzz was like breakfast without coffee.

Now who will run Trump’s KGB?

The GOP’s Affordable Health Care Act is to die for – literally.

24 million people potentially losing their insurance is not Trumpcare. It’s Trumpdon’tcare.

Trump can fix North Korea by giving them a few billion in cash and lifting sanctions. Didn’t that work in Iran?

Hard to believe our favorite cartoon characters are so old. Mickey Mouse is 87. Donald Duck is 81. Nancy Pelosi is 76.

Apparently the French want Fixit, not Brexit.

Did the NSA quit syping on Americans, or did they just outsource the job to Russia?

Desperate Democrats have created a new word for losing: Resistance.

Bill Clinton and James Patterson’s new book, The President is Missing, is just wishful thinking.

The Buzz is back. Now I have one more place where I can be ignored.