The Buzz 05.14.17

The Buzz: Alternative facts conveyed with alternative wit.

The Buzz is back and so is Nixon.

Trump’s little hands are all thumbs.

The Democrats have no evidence of collusion, but they’ll keep digging all the way to China.

The Left continues its marches against Trump, but all it gets is further left.

Those TASS photos from the oval office tell you all you need to know about Trump and Russia.

If the Democrats didn’t have double standards, they’d have no standards at all.

Dems: Fire Comey! Trump: Comey is fired. Dems: How dare you fire Comey?

The Apprentice is being replaced by The Amateur Hour.

Trump to make Andrew Jackson next FBI director.

FBI: Fired Because of Investigation.

Easy Comey, easy go-ey.

Trump needs a Comey-over.

Comey was nauseated, then hurled.