The Buzz 03.18.15

Your side doesn’t nominate Hillary and our side won’t nominate Jeb. Deal?

I guess Putin must’ve been on the Appalachian Trail.

The advocates of Big Government are dramatically demonstrating they can’t run one.

Where’s Pittenger’s chapter about what to do when the little green men from Mars invade the Piedmont?

Pittenger scares me more than the terrorists.

Could someone please publish a guide for surviving N.C. 9th Congressional District?

47 senators – 47 reasons for term-limit legislation.

HOT: “Haves” Only Traffic.

Tale me now, toll me later.

Could there be a reason Furtick hasn’t spoke to the Observer since 2008?

Just had my taxes done. Another reason to move to S.C.

Soooo ready for winter and basketball to be over!

Nothing says she’s running like a new hairdo.