The Buzz 03.19.15

Toll-free is an oxymoron.

Naked man “exposes” us to the national scrutiny!

All this “naked man” publicity... Queen Charlotte must be blushing.

Never mind businesses, N.C.’s citizens are running out of incentives to live here.

Tax incentives and budget shortfalls remind me of dogs chasing their tails.

Willie or Hillie. Who’s slicker?

Hey Congressman, what about a zombie apocalypse “go bag”?

Keep voting for the GOP and we’ll all need that Pittenger handbook.

Israeli elections have consequences also, Mr. President.

Can’t find my way today. Must be GOP budget smoke and mirrors.

If city workers are laid off, maybe Jerry Richardson will hire them.

NCDOT’s official song ought to be “Roll Out the Barrel.”

Any chance the team with most tattoos wins the big dance?