The Buzz 03.20.15

Bibi busted Barack’s Mid-East bracket!

The only thing we have to fear is Pittenger himself...

How silly. Pittenger is not trying to kill you, terrorists are.

For updates on Pittenger’s terrorism survival guide follow #PassTheTinFoil...

Want to change incorrect street signs? Start with Queens Road!

Street sign misspelled. Front page? Is this Charlotte or Mayberry?

Ban “Dixie”? What’s next, cotton and grits?

People who say racism is dead in the South don’t read bumper stickers.

From whistle blowing to whistling Dixie, it’s tough to do the right thing.

Simple solution on “naked guy”: Just point and laugh.

How do “incentives” differ from what Patrick Cannon did?

$15M budget shortfall? Just shorten the trolley route by 3 inches.

Charlotte will be a beautiful city – if it’s ever finished.