The Buzz 03.22.15

Royal Crown bags with Hornets label... Toxic mix!

TV went out just as the tournament started. March Sadness.

For Whom the Bill Tolls.

Money spent on the trolley to no where would go a long way toward filling that budget gap.

What Racism? Ask UVa honor student Martese Johnson.

When will we learn that when you hit ‘send’ there is no expectation of privacy?

Funny, don’t remember any of Hillary’s predecessors having to disclose their personal snail mail.

Seems the GOP has put a qualified Loretta Lynch in back of the political bus.

There is no right way to redistribute wealth.

Netanyahu lied to get elected? Thanks God that doesn’t happen in this country.

C’mon, Barack, Bibi’s position has merely “evolved.”

How dare Netanyahu speak this way to our Emperor!

Boehner and Bibi in bed together and neither cares about peace!