The Buzz 03.21.15

Gov. Pat is disappointed? Frankly, the Senate doesn’t give a damn.

Wanna bet Greg Hardy’s contract with the Cowboys has a pretty quick out clause?

Guess Dorian Harper was too chicken to face a jury of his peers?

Bibi’s win came at huge cost – in wasted White House party hats and champagne.

You’d think Mr. Obama would tire of playing Costello to the world’s Abbott.

Budget shortfall? Chickens coming home to roost! Eastland Mall, NASCAR, etc.

Ritz March Madness surcharge? Applies only to Kentucky fans!

Congress’ 16% approval rating gets 100% approval from the 1%.

Yep, constantly searching for Clinton “scandals” will give you Clinton fatigue.

Don’t need mandatory voting. Already have 110 percent in some places.

Mandatory voting, health care, taxes... How about some mandatory leadership!

While in Charlotte can the “Kinky Boots” cast choose which bathroom to use?