The Buzz 06.11.17

So Trump’s not only a ‘Baby Christian’ but now a ‘Baby President’ as well?

The Observer’s latest investigative series shorthanded: Prisoner lives matter.

Comey affected the election far more than the Russians did.

Comey got Trump elected and now has buyer’s remorse.

Nice little Bureau you have here, Mr. Comey. Shame if something were to happen to it.

You can only inspire loyalty, you can’t demand it.

Our media colluded far more with Hillary's campaign than Russia ever did with Trump's.

Why would Putin lie?

Amazing to watch the media pretend to care about corruption and collusion after completely ignoring its existence for eight years.

Trump’s balanced approach: praising dicatators, insulting allies.

Give it a rest, Dems! Let’s talk economy, health care, terrorism, judicial appointments, infrastructure….

So much tolerance on display as Gays for Trump are excluded from the Gay Pride Parade.