The Buzz 06.17.17

I guess Trump should have discussed the Flynn case with Comey on the Phoenix airport tarmac.

Trump had tapes, but his secretary accidently erased them.

Theresa May should blame the Russians for her election results.

Gov. Cooper picks up where AG Cooper left off, ignoring the North Carolina Constitution.

18-year olds carrying concealed weapons -- what could go wrong with that?

NASCAR is fading away. The future is soccer. Build the new stadium on top of Charlotte Motor Speedway.

If Charlotte doesn’t pony up for the new MLS stadium and pitch, the County may pitch a fit.

Did Trump’s cabinet also annoint him with oil?

The Trump cabinet hymn: How Great Thou Art.

I expected the Trump administration to be terrible liars, just didn’t expect them to be so terrible at it.

The Democrats’ new party line: Russia, Russia, Russia!

Jeff Sessions: see no evil, hear no evil, say no evil, recall no evil.