The Buzz 06.24.17

The only people who even listen to what Hillary is saying anymore are the Republicans.

President Trump should be investigated for obstruction of injustice.

People get the government -- and the TV programming -- they deserve.

Why do Democrats call themselves progressives when all they do is try and stop progress?

No doubt the Attorney General obstructed Justice, but does anyone believe they’ll actually prosecute Loretta Lynch?

Trump embraces the authoritarian Saudis while bullying the authoritarian Cuban government.

Is it possible the drop in crime rates occurred because more criminals have been locked up?

Processed food is making everyone sick and the internet is making everyone crazy. Welcome to the future.

The Observer story about the burping TV anchor was one of the most gaseous things I’ve read in a while. Please bring back some substance!

Jeff Sessions, the Incredible Whelk: “Sen. Harris, don’t make me nervous. You wouldn’t like me when I’m nervous.”