The Buzz 07/01/17: Anonymous comments from our readers

You wouldn’t need a mimosa if you were sitting in church.

It’s hard to sip a mimosa when someone is stuffing religion down your throat.

Nancy Pelosi needs to “spend more time with family.”

Too bad Congress’ oath doesn’t also say, “First, do no harm.”

Maybe the rise in Charlotte’s murder rate reflects the rise in the number of guns on the street.

The Democrats are obstructionists? Tell that to Merrick Garland.

CNN: Chastened News Network.

CNN fires reporters for false story. No one from the White House gets fired for their lies.

Boondoggle Hall of Fame: NASCAR Museum, streetcar, Eastland Mall development, major-league soccer stadium . . .

We’re doubling down on the streetcar sinkhole.

If healthy people can decline health insurance, why not let those who consider themselves safe drivers decline auto insurance?

Sarge’s beatings of Beetle Bailey are a painfully outdated punchline.