The BUZZ 07.02.17: Anonymous comments from our readers

Our number one health care problem is Congress.

If President Trump worked for CNN he would have been fired on day one for lying.

President Trump colors outside the media’s lines.

The press criticizes Trump’s policies. He criticizes their looks?

I no longer want my children to be President.

Mr. President, “great” is starting to grate.

Now I understand why they call the presidency the “bully pulpit.”

In 2020, vote for an adult for President.

No one believed anything on the internet until they started calling it social media.

Republicans want to give everyone a Ruth Chris menu when we need a coupon to go to Burger King.

If you think government-run health care is so great, check out the Mecklenburg County Health Department.

Chicago? I think President Trump needs to send federal help to Charlotte too!

Charlotte’s murders rise; welcome to Char-raq!