The Buzz 07/09/17: Anonymous comments from our readers

Unconventional behavior does not preclude effective leadership or superior results.

Is the Museum of the Bible missing the Eighth Commandment?

Hobby Lobby: Thou shalt not covet they neighbor's cuneiform.

Trump promises, pledges and vows. But nothing ever happens.

I don’t mind Trump’s millions, but those minions . . .

Charlotte’s NBA stadium doesn’t have a barber shop? Aren’t we gauche.

Trumpcare is the most compelling reason yet for more women in the Senate.

Replacing Obamacare later means replacing Obamacare never.

The only thing Clayton Wilcox’s ‘Culinary Manager’ will do is consume our taxes.

The only thing higher on my curiosity list than Amelia Earhart’s whereabouts is Where’s Waldo.

North Korea will be tweeted into submission.

Imagine that. An American president gave a speech on foreign soil and forgot to apologize for America.