The Buzz 07/08/17: Anonoymous comments from our readers

Mayor Roberts and the City Council once again fail to act in a timely manner to address urgent needs in Charlotte. We have to wait until July 30 for Sunday morning mimosas?

If they served mimosas in church, I might go.

America was not founded on mimosas.

Whoever said what goes up must come down never paid rent in Charlotte.

Imagine the outcry and conspiracy theories if the Obama administration had demanded all 50 states’ voter records.

N.C. officials should be charged with identify theft for giving voting data to the federal government.

Is it the the voter fraud commission or the voter commission fraud?

President Trump is the Commander-in-Leaks.

CNN: Certainly Not News.

This was the best July 4th since the Reagan years. Thank you, President Trump.

Did anyone truly expect the streetcar would bring a development boom to already-developed uptown?

Will the new CMS superintendent last two years?