The Buzz 03.25.15

Movement Mortgage – seems Charlotte needs more shakers and fewer movers.

Ohhhh... my achin’ bracket.

Obama’s brackets in shambles? A lot like his foreign policy.

Ted is Cruz-ing for a bruisin’.

Cruz is America’s kidney stone: irritating, painful, and soon to pass.

Comedians and columnists already wanting to choose your president!

Safe to say Bob Jones’ opinion on gays has “evolved.”

So our right-wing legislature likes redistributing wealth when it pumps up their counties?

ACA bureaucracy – a VA in sheep’s clothing.

Every headache the ACA cures is replaced with two cases of administrative migraine.

Satisfying Netanyahu’s hunger should not involve biting the hand that feeds him.

If Starbucks isn’t careful patrons will race together to Dunkin Donuts.

Somebody develop an app that tells the guy in front of me the light turned green.