The Buzz 03.27.15

So where do I get my “First in Sprawl” license plate?

Finally – a million reasons to move.

Seniors more cents; N.C. legislature no sense.

Maybe it’s time to revisit that “Great State of Meck” idea.

Between stadium giveaways and good ol’ Pat looking out for us, we’re in a melluvahess!

There may be hope for Gov. McCrory after all!

Just paid my state taxes. Shouldn’t I at least get a thank you note from the 1 percent?

Someone please tell Washington that our debt limit is not a goal.

More diversity at CMS? More female politicians? What’s an unemployed white guy to do?

Bibi learned well from the GOP: Say whatever it takes to win, then deny it.

Iran is just telling Obama, “Yes we can”!

If you can read this Buzz, pull over and let the rest of us live!

OK, now I get it. You pull over for a funeral, but not an ambulance.