Connecticut was not First in Flight

From an editorial Thursday in the (Wilmington) Star News:

North Carolina and Ohio have long sparred over “First in Flight” bragging rights.

Now arrives an upstart, Connecticut, which claims in a bill moving through its Statehouse that one Gustave Whitehead flew a “powered, heavier than air machine.”

This new Connecticut assertion has had the odd effect of uniting the Tar Heel and Buckeye states against a common foe.

Ohio state Rep. Rick Perales, who sponsored a competing piece of legislation challenging the Connecticut measure, said Ohio and North Carolina are teaming up to champion the Wright brothers’ claim.

In fact, the Christian Science Monitor reported in 2003 – the 100th anniversary of the Wright brothers’ flight – that Ohio and North Carolina had largely put aside their rivalry.

Clearly it was that 1903 flight on a cold Kitty Hawk day that launched the age of aviation.

North Carolina is first in flight. Always will be.