The Buzz 03.29.15

Russian and American astronauts can live in space for a year, but Obama and Putin can’t even talk?

Hope the Pope can talk some sense into Obama.

If Obamacare is good enough for Ted Cruz, it’s good enough for me!

Hey Harry! How ’bout taking Nancy with you? Please!

So long, Harry – appreciate the gridlock.

Rest in peace Erica – they can’t hurt anyone else now.

Charlotte, don’t boast a million until you have the roads that can handle them!

Is that naked man exhibiting his shortcomings?

After all those fines, if I were BofA I’d be doing mortgages the old-fashioned way.

If rural N.C. wants more revenue, tax hog waste!

N.C. handicap on business recruitment isn’t tax rate, it’s Neanderthal social legislation.

Be nice if schools taught the “3 Rs” and parents did the morals and meals.

Bet you wish you hadn’t planted those flowers yet.