The Buzz 04.04.15

Belk sale: 20% off corporate-wide!

Et tu, Belkus?

Forget new business. Use the incentives to keep the ones we have!

Step up, rural folks – plunk your coins in the Rich County magic sales tax boxes!

Wanna bet those I-485 barrels come down right before next year’s election?

Bet you the I-485 lane, plus the old coliseum, that Charlotte lands the Final Four in 2018.

Sorry LGBTs, looks like you’re still one generation from equality.

Both Obama and Iran kicked the nuclear can down the road – then declared victory.

The sea level will change. It is rising. Believe.

Swisher needs to sanitize its financials.

Population 1 million? So why have my wife and I been called seven times for jury duty?

Good Friday: N.C. and Meck offices closed; CMS teachers report for work?

How old must my clothes be before I can call them “vintage”?