The Buzz 04.05.15

Guess Indiana bakeries can’t have their cake and deny it too?

Money talks. Religion walks.

“Bigot,” “homophobe,” “hateful” ...and it’s conservative Christians who are sooo intolerant?

If we have separation of church and state, how can state regulate religion?

Note to N.C. legislature: Trickle down economics with a new name still doesn’t work.

Maybe the new full-time medical examiners can look into our brain-dead legislators?

Hispanic growth is inevitable – but I draw the line at “press 2 for English.”

Andrew Jackson, true patriot? Ask those affected by the Indian Removal Act.

If you can get your hands on a $20 bill, who cares whose picture is on it.

All we are saying is give war a chance... Been there, done that, GOP!

California – what happens when population outgrows natural resources. A lesson for N.C.?

It’s bad enough the food and rides at the state fair can kill you. Now guns?