Instead of punishing unevenly, love evenly

Bishop Peter Jugis
Bishop Peter Jugis

In response to “Bishop says gay married employee would be scandal” (Oct. 8):

In these times of Twitter, divisiveness, intolerance, hate and self-absorption, I look to my spiritual leaders for guidance and hope. There are many wonderful priests in the Charlotte Diocese, however, our Diocesan leader, Bishop Peter Jugis, disappoints me in many ways. He subscribes to a very conservative doctrine, not allowing females to be altar servers and/or Extraordinary Eucharistic Ministers, and he specifically targets legislation against the LGBTQ community.

I have been a parishioner and volunteer at St. Matthew’s Church for almost 19 years. My oldest son is gay. When he told me that he was gay, he explained that no one would choose this. No one would choose to be hated, vilified, bullied and despised. Being gay is not a choice, but an acceptance of how God made you.

I read this article and Bishop Jugis’s reference to a married gay employee to be scandalous. I want to remind him that these are our sons, our daughters, our children whom we love and whom are loved in the eyes of our Lord.

If Bishop Jugis thinks that a gay person who is legally married should be fired or exempted from diocesan employment, he should act on every “personnel handbook violation” for employees using birth control, marrying outside the Catholic Church, and those having premarital sex, those who are divorced, those who have had an abortion, those not attending Church each Sunday, etc., etc. If he wants to deny wages to one, he should deny them to all. If he wants to condemn one, he should condemn all. Apply the law evenly and without prejudice. I dare ponder, who would be left?

I would like to suggest to Bishop Jugis another approach. Love evenly. Love without prejudice. Love with the grace to which your vocation calls you.

Worth noting, as I write this, Pope Francis dedicated October to praying for the unemployed. “We should always remember the dignity and rights of those who work, condemn situations in which that dignity and those rights are violated, and help to ensure authentic progress by man and society,” he said.