The Buzz 04.09.15

Wouldn’t it be grand to have spring break traffic all year?

Baseball opening day, Duke national title, The Masters – all in one week. Sports heaven!

It’s social media – not judicial media!

Let’s all open a dictionary to the Ls and read the definition of “limit,” as in “speed limit.”

Error: “Philanthropy” and “Planned Parenthood” do not compute. Try again.

Looking for logic in Sen. Burr’s Middle East security analysis; looking; still looking...

Nature’s winter snow gone. Real snow job begins as candidates announce.

Rand and Cruz sure make Mitt look good!

Everyone wants a small government until they need a large one.

Outrageously high deductibles used to be called catastrophe insurance. Under Obamacare they’re just Bronze Plans.

So we’ll be paying tolls while filmmakers get a free ride?

Is there a pill for NCAA basketball withdrawal?