Honor military families with peace agreements, Mr. Trump

Trump, don’t use military families

Dear President Trump:

Please do not use the practice of calling and/or writing families of service men and women who have died while serving our country to inflate your ego. It is painful enough to have a loved one give his/her life for the U.S. without hearing you concoct false statements about past leaders.

I have a son proudly serving in the U.S. Army. His family and hundreds of thousands of other families with ties to our military branches do not want a call of condolence from you. Rather, we want to hear from you when our nation and world are actually safer through peace agreements.

Make America greater by focusing on the present and future, not on previous presidents.

Claude Underwood,


Holidays are all about money now

In response to “I’d like an old-school Halloween” (Oct. 17 Forum):

Well said, Kay, but I’m afraid “old school” anything is long gone and it’s been replaced by uncontrolled commercialism and our desire for more stuff. I’d love to go back to the time when Christmas made its first appearance after Thanksgiving. Now, by the time Thanksgiving comes, I’m already so saturated with Christmas, I wish it would just go away! Lost is the magic and grace of both holidays. How sad...

Tonya Banbury, Fort Mill

Get on board with renewable energy

Can we agree fossil fuels poison our environment and humans as well? Can we agree that fossil fuels are a finite resource? These conclusions are based on real evidence. We have no choice but to transition to renewable energy. It’s the future.

Countries with smart leadership like China and Germany are rapidly transitioning to clean energy. Unless we reverse politicians’ thinking at the national and state level, we will not be able to fully take advantage of the coming multi-trillion dollar industry this century.

Lee Brinson, Hickory

Care about more than just the U.S.

In response to “Try working with other countries” (Oct. 16 Forum):

I liked Lynn Harris’s message to “Make America Great Again” by using diplomacy.

I would like us all to consider Making the World Great.

Patrick Hopkins, Charlotte

Actually, the NRA deserves blame

In response to “NRA unfairly blamed for Las Vegas” (Oct. 17 Forum):

Mr. Moore defends the NRA and equates it to the auto industry and manufacturers of other items that “can be detrimental if not used as intended.” That’s exactly the problem – cars are built to get us from point A to point B and not intended to be used as weapons. But the killer in Las Vegas used his weapons exactly as they are intended – to kill scores of people in seconds. There is no justification for allowing civilians to own such weapons, but the NRA has been responsible for that and for blocking attempts at reasonable gun control measures that the majority of Americans support.

Steve Larson, Charlotte

Don’t ignore single-payer benefits

In response to “Sanders' s plan would crush middle class” (Oct. 15 Forum):

Annette Bechtold displays her ignorance. Oh gosh, my taxes will go up! How about oh gosh, my premiums will go away or oh gosh, my deductible will go away or oh gosh my co-pay will go away. This country already spends more per capita for its healthcare system than any other. Gee, we’re number one! Let’s all get a MAGA hat.

Robert Stanley, Lenoir

I have a plan of action for the NFL

When the NFL owners meet they should use what they (finally!) did in the wake of the players and domestic violence incidents as a template. After several players were accused of domestic violence, the NFL donated to domestic violence prevention agencies and began a public service announcement campaign. If they choose to force players to stand for the national anthem, I think they should make significant donations to agencies promoting racial justice and begin a PSA campaign that furthers the national dialogue on race. We will know it has been successful when President Trump and Colin Kaepernick sit down and have a beer together!

Deb Park, Charlotte