The Buzz 04.10.15

Maybe Jerry Richardson could help the city with its budget gap.

WWJD? Jesus would bake the cake.

Snuffing a wrong (discrimination) with another (stiffing religious conviction) doesn’t make a right.

Political spin aside, how could opening a lane cost $2M?

By the time we can use that lane, it’ll need to be repaved.

The NCDOT/Cintra contract seems to change so often we should call it a living, breathing document.

Front-page photo of the trolley followed by a bus says it all.

Jeb Bush, Hillary Clinton: Same old, same old.

Theme song for Rand and Cruz: “It’s all about the base.”

Come on, PBS – stop sidetracking Norman Lear’s point of view!

Pay people a living wage or pay them food stamps. Can’t have it both ways.

NCAA: National Championship Already Arranged

No more baseball box scores – say it ain’t so.