The Buzz 04.12.15

The N.C. homeland security by amateurs bill is Barney Fife without Sheriff Andy.

One man’s art is another man’s wasted admission fee.

Somebody tell Mr. Obama the Bay of Pigs was not a children’s book.

Despite what you think Mr. President, Castros aren’t convertible.

There must be a racial divide. It’s right there in black and white every morning.

Jesus would bake the cake, then tell them to go and sin no more.

It’s only April and we’re already out of things to be offended by.

Maybe put “sanctions” on politicians instead of the poor?

Sure, Jeb Bush is Hispanic – and Ted Cruz is a liberal.

If one can choose gender identity, why not racial identity?

Kentucky is not only a well known NBA farm team, it’s also a university in Lexington!

Stop the Tiger lovefest, Observer!

The Mighty Tiger has been reduced to a purr!