The Buzz 04.11.15

Testing the trolley with no passengers was very realistic.

Guess TWC sees Google Fiber in its rear-view mirror?

Don’t throw all cops under the patrol car based on the actions of one.

It’s not the officers, it’s the training.

“Je suis le Grand Rand.” Just like a Macy’s balloon – full of hot air.

Moe and Larry can’t run for the presidency without a third stooge. So come on Donald.

Real problem with intolerance is that it’s rampant on both sides of every current issue.

Filmmakers don’t get it free. Incentives lure them to spend millions here.

Kroger wanted to acquire an upscale grocer. They’ve been busily down-scaling it ever since.

Helping the enemy used to be called treason. Today it’s called foreign policy.

Sen. McCaskill and the rest of the U.S. Senate should adopt “one and done.”

Farewell Rosco – may you finally catch the Duke boys in the next life.