The Buzz 11.05.17

Who estimated Amazon’s local employment? The ones who estimated Nascar Hall of Fame attendance?

Donna Brazile did a better investigation of Hillary than James Comey did.

Guess Donna and Hillary will have competing book signings. Who lied most and who lied last.

American values are burning up in a Trumpster fire.

If Republicans could fund a cure for the common cold, Dems would vote against it!

What flag or statues do we blame for the New York attack?

Putting scissors in the hands of inmates who make weapons from toothbrushes. What could possibly go wrong?

Of course, the N.C. county that had the most venomous snake bites by far was Wake! Home of our state capital and legislature.

Republicans like Kenny Smith believe in local rather than “big” government, except when they punt on LGBTQ issues.

Cam Newton is having an MVP year. “Most Visible Pouter”

Get over it Cam, you overthrew him anyway!