The Buzz 04.16.15

Controversy over CFD firings smolders. One fire they can’t seem to extinguish.

It may also be time to replace the seats at the City Council.

Sixth thing to watch when big banks report earnings: Do their noses grow?

Inevitable that Rooster Rucho’s flock would lay a bunch of eggs.

“5 ways to handle uneven cash flow” should be required reading for all city officials.

Hard to share GOP excitement over tax cut when you’re paying more!

Hope Obama’s visit to ImaginOn sparked his imagination to get things done.

Hillary is my second favorite candidate. Anyone else is my first.

First Hillary, and now Cuba, has been removed from Obama’s terrorist list.

Me, Cruz, Paul and Rubio: four guys who’ll never be president.

Hill Yes!

Who stopped first – the Hornets team or the NBA season?