The Buzz 04.17.15

Is it public art, or public decoration?

Cheaters in Atlanta get 7 years. Cheaters at UNC get 7-year $100M contracts.

Bet that revaluation sure seemed like a good idea at the time?

“Commercial tax loss...” Now I get it. My property value goes up 40 percent and theirs goes down 40 percent!

In what parallel universe do Berger and Rucho live? My taxes went up, all of our friends and relatives paid more.

Berger and Rucho – hit men for the Koch brothers.

Tore down a 19-year-old coliseum, but putting new seats in 60-year-old one?

Partisan, one-note event; hand-picked crowd; cream-puff “questions” = town hall?

Fitting that Obama’s pitch was held at ImaginOn.

Tillis opposes base closing – pork trumps principle?

If elected, does Hillary plan to run the country on a private server from her home?

How can a government that can’t stop robocalls stop cyber-terrorism?