The Buzz 04.18.15

Candidates, candidates everywhere, but not a one to vote for!

Is it too early to put Hillary on the $20 bill?

Hillary’s delete key – a weapon of mass destruction?

“Hillary fatigue”? Mine has already set in.

Hill NO!

I endorse Elizabeth Warren without reservation – or with, if she prefers.

My N.C. taxes are way up, GOP. My vote’s deducted!

Sounds like Grandma needs to hire a tax accountant.

Can I refuse my GOP tax “cut?” Please!

Circus is putting an end to elephant acts by 2018. End them in Raleigh too – only sooner.

Obama/Kerry Iran treaty framework: All carrot, no stick!

If Obama wants equal treatment for his daughters, he should encourage them to sign up for the draft.

Can I ever fly into Terminal E and not have to wait for an available ramp?