The Buzz 04.19.15

Go ahead, cut down trees. You can never have enough cow billboards.

Raise hands for more billboards. No one? Thought so.

What we really need is bright flashing billboards to distract drivers from texting.

Maybe one of the airlines would like to buy those old, undersized Bojangles seats.

Could be airlines are focusing on the wrong bottom line?

What, no wide escalators to get to the wider seats?

While you’re at it, how about making the seats at BB&T Ballpark a little wider.

Bank of America: Too big to be allowed to survive?

Based on the current agenda in Raleigh, N.C. could use a “liberal uprising.”

The richest 10% pay almost 70% of all federal taxes. So what’s your problem with them again?

That puny jobs report gave new life to the familiar “weaker than expected.”

All N.C. politicians should be required to drive I-485 at night, in the rain, in heavy traffic.