The Buzz 04.22.15

I know I will never see a billboard as lovely as a tree.

FBI: Forensic Bungled Investigations

If it’ll get rid of those Food Lion commercials, I’ll agree with PETA just this once.

Harry Taylor for governor!

And I thought Democrats loved to tax and spend!

Get going, squirrels. You’ve got to get busy to match our stash of nuts in Raleigh.

I’m all for Ms. Schaffer’s moral bills, but a legislative dictate for I-485 speed limits?

Schaffer is making Mississippi look downright progressive.


We already have term limits – but we just keep voting the same bums back in office.

Fact of life: Those who hate the rich couldn’t survive without them. You’re welcome.

The richest 10% earn almost 90% of all income – that’s my problem.

Turn signals matter!

My new sponge came with four pages of instructions. Really?