The Buzz 04.23.15

The Feds giveth a 2014 tax refund and the State taketh away!

“Tax Simplification and Reduction Act” sounded so good, but hurt so bad. We shall remember!

Did they pass a bill in Raleigh making logical thinking illegal?

Bonds allow our kids to repay all the tax breaks we got raising them.

McCrory’s visionary plan? The voters have a visionary plan for McCrory!

A friend of mine lives in a world-class city. His newspaper has baseball box scores.

Environmental Philistines, Mr. Derb Carter? That is so understated.

Time to put a flashing billboard across from Rucho’s house.

I dread whatever is next on Billboard/Airport/Redistrict/Tax Cut Bob’s agenda.

When choosing from two “dynasties,” I prefer the one with the surplus and peace.

Rich and out of touch. Mitt? Nope, Hillary!

Neither rain, nor snow – nor antiaircraft weapons shall deter the gyrocopter mailman.