The Buzz 04.24.15

No Mercedes, no Volvo, maybe Edsel?

One word for Wells Fargo as it considers buying GE loans: Countrywide.

The Time Warner/Comcast merger meeting will be Thursday or Friday between 1 and 4.

Hope that wrist slap didn’t hurt, Gen. Petraeus!

On Rep. Schaffer the Observer serves up the bait, readers provide the hate.

DENR report – Duke Energy’s neighbors left in the dark.

By the time it’s over Duke Energy will need an ash pond superfund!

Did climate deniers toast Earth Day with a Coal Ash Cocktail?

So it’s back to the gerrymandering drawing board?

It’s hard to throw the bums out of office when their districts are rigged.

NFL to pay $1B for concussions. In related news, stadium beer will now cost $18.

When can we hope to reach a Charlotte destination without pre-planning a route through Barrelsville?